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Strategy Games


Automation Wars

Much like the old chain reaction games where you place a piece on a board and when you reach a certain height they "explode outward", support for up to 2 players or vs computer mode - very cool!

Battle Tron

Extremly fun tactical tactical combat game in which you control a robot (tron) who needs to destroy all the other robots - can be played in multiplayer on same system - Excellent graphics and gameplay!


A pretty cool java based version of the classic dominoes game


Very challenging board game in which you attempt to convert all the pieces on the board from white to black. Decent graphics.

Instant Checkers

A very good multiplayer game of checkers over the net, really nice graphics and includes a chat module as well!

Instant Reversi

A very nice multiplayer reversi game with excellent graphics and chat!


A game in which you program a robot to fight against another robot... Very unique with decent graphics and gameplay

Multiplayer Stratego

Stratego is another board game made into a java game, the original was a 2 player game that was very addictive, this java game has support for 4 players and is pretty true to the original. *** 1/2


Not the nicest looking game I have ever seen but it does show you all your options while playing the game which is kind of cool.

Space Pirates

Awesome game in which has a lot of freedom to what you can do, much like the original pirates only with no action involved, Really good graphics and gameplay, You have to play this game - its awesome!

Tower of Hanoi

The classic disc moving game. Good graphics.


A very interesting game... Real time strategy game with older looking graphics... You can also play it multiplayer *** 1/2 (Takes awhile too load...)



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