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Classic Games


3d Cycles Duel

This is the best tron cycle game I have seen on the net, it inlcudes a 2 player same system mode and lots of different views - very good gameplay and graphics.


A really old (C-64 era) text adventure game that got turned into Java, you should try it.


Bomberman clone - bad graphics poor gameplay and no sound... Not recommended *but* if you wanna see every bomberman clone you can try it..

Diamond Mines

nice looking boulderdash clone that I could not really get working on IE-5 beta... (guess that's why its a beta though...)

Eye One Araknoid

Araknoid clone with better graphics and gameplay is close to the same, but.... Where did the sound go??? *** 1/2

Fill It

A very well done game that is a really unique cross between jezz-ball and qix - every time you beat a level there is a new bad guy who flys around in the center and there are no follow the line bad guys, about the only thing there is to dislike about this game is that it lacks sound...

Gerbil Derby

Anybody remember all those really old watch the races games? Well... Meet gerbil derby... Nice graphics and not much gameplay :-)

Head Tennis

A very interesting pong clone...


A fairly nice Arachnoid clone. ***


Another rather colorfull asteroids clone, this one has worse graphics than most but is easier to control

Mars Lander

A quite fun lunar lander clone with improved graphics and gameplay and a top 100... For some reason it kept giving me rank 101 though... :-)

Missle Commando 2

Missle command clone - pretty decent


another cool araknoid clone (that has no sound though...), nice graphics and gameplay

No More PacMan!!!

A pretty cool pacman clone with improved graphics :-) *** 1/2

K*swiss Classic Tennis

Uh oh... Another pong clone... This time its SHOE PONG... LOL!!


I think the name says it all... Looks and plays much like the original.


This game is a boulderdash clone that features fairly good graphics and gameplay with above average sound - if you liked boulderdash you should defenitly give it a try!

Spheres of Chaos

Asteroids clone that is very colorfull, but with no sound

Tamagotchi Invaders

A space invaders clone with a rather unique and enjoyble twist... the aliens are tamagotchis which adds to the incentive to kill them by like 30000% :-) ok graphics and gameplay.


requires the Vitalize plug in to work, Ever wondered what araknoid would be like if someone made it so that you had 2 paddles (like pong...) too control and keep the ball from going passed? Well... Meet Vreakout! good graphics and gameplay!


Another Q*bert clone... This one is not entirely the way I remember Q*bert but it is getting close.

Web Invaders

Maybe my memory is bad, but this looks a whole lot like the space invaders I remembered.


Worm clone -  ok game, not wonderfull - but not too bad either



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