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Sports Games


3d Billiards

A pretty nice billiards game with a 3d changeable view - good graphics and ok gameplay... No sound though :(

Alpine Skiing

A decent ski game with 1st person perspective 3d graphics and severel options and courses to choose from - good graphics and gameplay but it gets a little tiresome after a while

Cal Ripkens Home Run Pinball Game

A Ripken inspired pinball game... The paddles are the bat and the ball is well "the baseball"... Very interesting... ***

Extreme Snowboarding

A very fast paced 3d snowboarding game with decent graphics and smooth gameplay. The graphics are a little odd in some places but it goes fast enough that you dont notice too much

Fishin' wit' Raunchy

298k Pretty dull fishing game... You cast a line in and try and catch fish**


A very nicely done golf game, I really like this one - excellent graphics and gameplay!

Kanga Boxing

Pretty cool little boxing game Starring Lenny - good graphics and decent gameplay

Lucky 13

A really awesome cross between baseball and pinball with a little bit of math, Excellent graphics and gameplay make this game awesome!!!

Mirkins Pool

This pool game has some pretty nice graphics and has a really nice "feel" to it.

Pass Attack

A really cool football game where you decide the play.

Race 3d

is a pretty decent 3d java race car game, kinda cool – altough really cheesy looking with the way the cars move and the fact that they look cut-out.

Sky Diver

Try to land as close to the goal as possible - Good Graphics and decent gameplay

Web Darts

A really awesome single and multiplayer darts game with good graphics and gameplay

Yipes Hanggliding Adventure

so-so hang gliding game, decent graphics and decent gameplay



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