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Puzzle Games



a tetris type game that is really hard to explain... you have got to try it... try to match 3 colors in a row...


A cool little text adventure game, if you are into text based adventures, this one will not disappoint!

Castle Mouse

Very nice and challenging puzzle game with a overhead view and good graphics and gameplay


A very complex game in which you attempt to "deflect" balls of the same color together, very good graphics and gameplay


A simon type of game which goes a little too slow (for me anyway...) and features ok graphics and gameplay


A very unique game in which you connect dots to make boxes and the person who makes the most boxes wins, unique game but rather low graphic quality.

Excite Games

Play multiplayer: Chess, Checkers, Word Search, Euchre, Hearts and Spades on Excite... All of which are pretty nicely done games (You do have to sign up for a free account though (but it is very fast and easy to sign up for :-) ****

Golf Trivia

Golf trivia is a very unique trivia game in which you golf by playing... rather neat idea

IIlse and Herbert

A cool looking game... Its in German though and I cant read German, but I had a friend tell me that you are trying to keep Herbert's temperature down... Its nice looking though :-)

Mr Potato!!

Well... Welcome to the online version of mr potato head or if you prefer mr lemon and ms pepper... Good graphics

Jigsaw Puzzles

Jigsaw fans, this is it - the most realistic looking series of online jigsaw puzzles that I have ever seen and the best part is that you will never lose that last piece!!!


This is a very very good adaptation of the classic Mahjongg game :-) the graphics and gameplay are both high quality. ****

Mr. Potato Head

Mr potato head is online now... No more losing pieces to him either!


A very nice looking tetris clone with a 2 player same machine option


AWESOME GAME!!! It is like a revised pipe dream... Excellent graphics and awesome gameplay. It has a slightly different objective (In this one you connect 2 straws to each other). **** 1/2

Poco Man

Is another push the boulders to the marked spot game, this one is also just like the downloadable freeware game of the same name - not so good graphics and ok gameplay

Race Across America

Race from Seattle to Newyork solving various puzzles and answering various questions


Hangman with a twist... If you don't guess the word you get eaten by a shark... Kinda cool seeing your guy get chomped :-) ***

The Urinal Game

LOL!!! You have to try this game... I aint gonna spoil the fun by telling you anything other than to try it **** 1/2


As the name suggests... In this game you are attempting to trap the red pieces by moving the yellow pieces, very challenging with good graphics and gameplay

Virtual Jigsaw Puzzle

This is a new concept, do jigsaw puzzles over the net... Very well put together too. ****

Where In The World?

Nasa made game in which you guess city's via satelite images, pretty cool game if you are into geography!



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