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Action Games


3-d Blox

Pretty interesting game... Has annoying controls (Reminds me of the first time I played q*bert...) and it has a overhead 3d angle (Q*bert style) gameplay.

Air Defense

This is a side scroller game where you play the role of a tank battling wave after wave of bombers. It has decent graphics the gameplay was a bit too fast on my system and the sound could use improvement but the game was ok.

Battle Tank 3D

This game is fun!!! You are in a tank and move around blowing up other tanks and stuff - graphics and gameplay are both very good.

Cowchip County Bottle Challenge

LOL, you are driving down a country road in a car trowing bottles out of the window... Very unique idea - Dont try this at home!

Dr Goo Rockfall

requires the Vitalize plug in to work, Collect the stars and avoid the falling rocks in this dr goo inspired online game - good graphics and gameplay (note... Only 1 level currently...)

E.D.M. Signal Isolation System

A odd game where you have a paddle (like araknoid) and try to bounce a ball into floating encoded images to decode them

Fat Boy raids the cookie factory

Hmmm, a interesting game... Really annoying sounds decent graphics - side scroller mario type

Godzilla vs. Tamagotchi

LOL, If you are like me and dislike those Tamagotchi keychains... Try this, one big keychain on your monitor with three buttons and you try to stomp on the tamagotchi whenever you see it... Really funny game, try it *** 1/2

HEW-9 Eliminator

138k You are in a Hew-9 (Anti-Spacecraft Gun) and are protecting a planet from incoming invaders. Very fun gameplay and graphics make this game really cool. ****


Invasion is what you get when you combine space invaders with gobs of weapons, cheesy sounds, and better graphics *** 1/2


Is another old lunor lander type arcade game with a LOT better graphics, It is 3-d type game where you fly to find a spot to land and blow away enemies, It is quite different when compared to most games and worth a try or 2 at least... *****

Monkey Maze 2

A pretty good boulderdash clone with decent grapics and play control.

Nancy Drew Online Adventure

Help Nancy escape in this online adventure - decent graphics and ok gameplay


This is a pretty cool futuristric side scrolling racing game. see how fast you can clear all the sectors. good graphics excellent gameplay and I liked it... :)

Nobby Nuss

Another excellent platform game with awesome graphics and play control! You play a squirrel who needs to collect enough nuts to last trough winter

Orbital Defense

You are in a spaceship defending earth from would be invaders... if they destroy the satelites orbiting the earth (or you...) you lose.


A nice game where you are the cannon trying to blow up the paratroopers before they reach the ground - nice graphics other than that of the cannon (looks more like a tetris block than a cannon) and equally good gameplay, I liked the game.

Pogo Bleu

He came from the blue cheese... This one is kinda cheesy but pretty fun as you help him overcome the many obsticles of the fridge!!

Scamper 2

Ok... You are these little feet, and you are running around in a maze picking up hearts and some other things (I would say what they are if I knew...) and trying to avoid a fireball??? (pretty bad (older) looking graphics, but I think it could be a "addictive" game...

Sledge Hammer Fists

A robotic street fighting game done in macromedia... The idea is to take out the other robot... Pretty decent altough the controls left much to be desired...

The-Make-Your-Own-Game - Game

If you have ever wanted to design an old arcade game, now is your chance.... Pretty interesting concept.


Overhead action game featuring a city that has been taken over by robots? Object appears to be to destroy the robots and save the city... Good graphics and a fun game


requires the Vitalize plug in to work, A 2d shooter shmup type game (forced scrolling one way). This game has pretty decent graphics and gameplay.

Warp 1.5

Overhead game with a forced upward scroll, decent graphics and good gameplay. You are in a little spaceship blowing up baddies in this one!


Side Scrolling choplifter, you are forced to scroll right and pick up as many hostages as possible while destroying enemys


requires the Vitalize plug in to work, This game is a awesome in development 2d side scroller, which matches some of the best scroller games!!! It is one of those blast everyone too bits scroller - Excellent graphics and gameplay! Ctrl and shift are the main buttons.


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