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                     Sunny Saturday Afternoon

I opened my eyes
to a bright morning sky
No reson to fear
No need to wonder why

I didn't even have the slightest clue
this would be the day I would be missing you

As the sun poured in and the music played
I looked through the window to a bright sunny day
And I thought to myself what a wonderful way
to spend such a perfect day

But the morning bliss was knocked to the floor
when from a distance came a knock at the door
Standing with their eyes searching for mine
was a man in blue and a preacherman by his side
My heart beat so fast fear filling my mind
trying not to see what was before my eyes

They siad it happened so fast
there was no time to react
and there was nothing I could do
that would bring you back
It was in the cards
But who's to say they weren't stacked

I know there are no real good-byes
But that doesn't keep the tears from my eyes

And in the end I will see you again
each day I try to keep your memory alive until then

It's not all that hard to do
each time I look at the two
who are pieces of you

They both know that mommy and daddy are gone
and up to this point have been strong
and with our help will carry on
But the road till we see you again will be long

I could spend my life wondering why
Or who should take the blame
But I think I'll pass and smile at the sky
and in that I can find no shame

So from my stance upon this earthly sphere
I will do my best to carry on
And when times get rough I'll keep your memory near

When I see a shooting star
There'll be a smile on my face
Because I'll know just where you are

I know there are no real good-byes
But that doesn't keep the tears from my eyes

From time to time I just might cry
But that gives me no reason not to try
Or look to the stars and again ask why

And from where I stand the journey seems long
But when I get there I'll sing you a song.......

Chris Fulmer

Dedicated to Carol and Mike Wang